We got a Mahindra Xylo, which only had one key and that too was broken. Since the key was originally with remote so customer was not willing to take non-remote key. He insisted that his original key should be repaired so that he can use his key normally.

Extracting broken key

As its clearly visible from the photograph, its key blade is moulded in plastic frame.

You need to cut along the “Yellow Line” to reveal the key blade beneath it. Be careful while cutting the plastic lining as you have to leave sufficient margin on all sides to fit a new blade at place of old one.

You will be required to cut it using a very sharp blade as it has very hard plastic casing. Cut along the line, multiple times to loosen the old key blade.

This is an important step as more the margin you can save from all the sides the better it is. The strength & stability of new key blade will depend on side margins.

After 15 minutes of patience, you can take out the broken piece from the plastic casing.

Fitting new key

Now you can take a new key-blade, which is cut according to lock.

Which then can be fixed permanently using a fixing compound (like M-seal etc.)