How will you Cut the Key Blade of New Flip Key which I order without seeing my key?

  • In most of the cases, You will be required to send your one key to our place by courier for Flip Key Conversion. Key can only be duplicated (cut), if you send your original key to us. If your key has an immobilizer/sensor in it then we will extract it from your key to use it in the new Flip Key. Immobilizer/Sensor is necessary for starting the car so its vital to use/ transplant your original sensor in new Key.

What If the key doesn’t worked on my car?

  • We employ a strict techniques of checking each & every key before sending it to our customers. Although rare but there is still a chance that key cut by us may not function properly in your car. We have found that 1 out of 100 car keys cut by us have a chance of acquiring defect even after careful inspection. In those rare circumstances, We provide repair or replacement FREE of cost.

Do you provide any Warranty on Flip Key?

  • Yes, We guarantee that our key will be Free from defect for 6 months from date of purchase. If Flip Key becomes faulty then you can send it back to us for Repair or Replacement. Warranty will not cover:

  1. General Wear & Tear

  2. Accidental damages (Damage due to dropping from height, placing heavy weight on key, dipping in water etc.)

  3. Exposing the key to Rain, Acid, High Electro-magnetic fields etc.

  4. Opening the key by yourself or by unauthorised personnel except for battery change

  5. Misuse either intentional or unintentional

Do you provide after-sale support while changing battery?

Yes, Absolutely. We try to upload as much video through our Youtube Channel as possible related to key repair and battery change. You can even call us while changing the battery to safely complete the process.