Skoda supplies above remote system to be used with their Fabia and Rapid (base model cars). These cars are not provided with Remote Keys (Flip Keys) and only given simple key. Customer can choose to opt for this remote system instead of going for After-market remote system which may void warranty on their car. On close inspection, we found that these remote systems are manufactured by Autcop and remote given with these system is same as Remote No. 14 available in their system. The only difference is Autocop provide the remote in market in red color and here its in green color.

Originally Autocop used this remote with its remote system (now its discontinued). It was the smallest remote ever supplied by Autocop. Due to its size, it is most suitable to fit in a Flip Key but we have found that same advantage also has an disadvantage. Due to small size, buttons on this circuit are too close, so we are required to solder new buttons which sometimes causes change in frequency. This change either reduces the range of remote or makes it non-functional temporarily.